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Dictionary of hipster slang

Straightfrom Ever wanted to talk like the hep cats? Well you can if you pick up a copy of Straight From The Fridge, Dad by Max Decharne. There’s literally thousands of examples of hipster slang on offer, pulled from pulp novels, trash cinema, jazz and blues clubs, not to mention the coffee bars of the 50s and 60s.

If you want to know how to "tighten someone’s wig", "hand out a line" or "make like a fish", you need this book. Or buy two – then just you and your mate can communicate in a language unknown to the rest of the bar!

As well as the endless examples of beat speak, the book features a whole host of trashy images in colour and black and white that’ll have you rushing to eBay for a copy of "Dig A Dead Doll".

It’s available now for around £7.

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