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High Street Arco floor lamp

The original Arco lamp was designed by Castiglioni in 1962 and is still as iconic today as it was 40+ years ago. With a stainless steel stem, polished aluminium shade and chunky marbe base, it’s both elegant and functional – if a little difficult to move about the house,

You can pick a designer version up from the Conran Shop for around £850 – or you can head to John Lewis for their Bow Floor Lamp. From a distance, it’ll have your visitors fooled, close up it’s shorter and with a less substantial base. But it’s still a very attractive lamp  – and at just £280, you can pick up three for the price of the designer version.

See the Bow Floor Lamp at John Lewis

3 thoughts on “High Street Arco floor lamp

  1. Thanks for the info
    but its a bit out of my price range 🙂
    Do you have more afordable option?
    so far the only place ive found was at seascapelamps which let me design my own lamp to my room. im looking for the same kind of lamps but cant afforde super expensive, yet i still want quality construction

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