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Jasper Walnut retro kitchen

Japserkitchen I’ve never got excited over a fitted kitchen in my life – and I’m not going to start now. But at the same time, if I were to get excited over one, it’d be one not too far from this Jasper Walnut kitchen by Caple.

Hopefully our picture gives a good enough of indication of its retro styling, which are very firmly rooted in the 70s – and with a deep wood finish not dissimilar to those rather nice vintage Scandanavian sideboards. Or possibly G-Plan!

All the units have that "curved" wood design, but what makes it for me are the wall cabinets – you’ll not find the likes of those in B&Q.

No idea on price, but if you want a closer look and a better idea on cost, you can get in touch with Caple for a free brochure.

Visit the Caple website

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