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Jo Colombo exhibition

You might not have heard of Jo Colombo, but you’ve probably seen some of his iconic pieces in just about every design book of the 60s and 70s.

The Italian designer started his design career in 1962, but died just 11 year later, In that time, he produced everything from chairs to watches to full space age installations (complete with retracting TVs and built-in bars), not to mention his signature piece – the Boby trolley (check eBay – there’s always one on there).

There’s currently a retrospective of Colombo’s work at the Vitra Design Museum, which is located not far from the German/Swiss border. It’s more than likely that you’re not going to be passing by that way in the near future. So here’s the good news – the exhibition of Colombo design is heading to the UK, the Manchester City Art Gallery in December to be precise. We’ll see you there.

Visit the Vitra Design Museum website

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