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Lovelylovely homeware

Lovelylovely1 I blame Ikea. Everyone’s house is filled with identikit plates and mugs in either white or beige. Yes, it’s minimalist, but it’s not very exciting is it?

If you want to brighten things up, the latest Lovelyhome designs by cool homeware people Lovelylovely might just be the job. Ok, they’re still cups, saucers, plates and…erm…tea towels, but they feature vibrant retro designs that literally jump off the plate – the way the old tea sets of the 50s and 60s used to catch the eye. And they’ll liven up your home a treat.

Lovelylovely2 Lovelylovely is a collaboration between design-sassy duo Louise Scott-Smith, ex Pucci fashion designer and graphic designer Georgia Vaux. They describe their inspiration as being "a little bit Marguerite Patten, a little bit Chanel and a little bit Japanese graphics meets Hungarian handicrafts."

Erm…quite. Whatever their inspiration, it works for us. You can find Lovelylovely in various smart shops, including Selfridges or you can visit the Lovelylovely website.

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