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Only After Dark compilation

I’ve got no very little time for Duran Duran and if someone asked me about the best thing they’d done, I’d have to say "split up".

So I was quite surprised to see a decent tracklisting on the new compilation album of tracks by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor from the band. Only After Dark is based on tracks played at a club the band frequented before they made it big in Birmingham around the late 70s, early 80s.

It’s a mix of styles reminiscent of the era – latter day glam, early synth and post punk – essentially the kind of sounds currently being lifted by most of today’s bright new indie hopes. From Bowie, Ferry and Mick Ronson to Wire, Iggy Pop and Magazine, with some Donna Summer, Brian Eno, Psychedelic Furs and John Foxx thrown in.

If you want to know where the bands of tomorrow find inspiration, it might not be a bad place to look. It’s out now – full tracklisting after the turn.

More on the album at


1. Being Boiled – Human League
2. Computer Game – Yellow Magic Orchestra
3. Always Crashing In The Same Car – Bowie, David
4. Sister Europe – Psychedelic Furs
5. Changeling – Simple Minds
6. Only After Dark – Ronson, Mick
7. Underpass – Foxx, John
8. Warm Leatherette – Normal
9. In Crowd – Ferry, Bryan
10. True Wheel – Eno, Brian
11. Are Friends Electric – Tubeway Army
12. Robots – Kraftwerk
13. I Feel Love – Summer, Donna
14. I Am The Fly – Wire
15. Shot By Both Sides – Magazine
16. Private Life – Jones, Grace
17. Passenger – Iggy Pop
18. Slow Motion – Ultravox

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