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Return of the Space Hopper

Spacehopper Recently, the BBC has been bombarding us with trailers for what looks like another appalling "Two Pints Of Lager…" type show, with the cast bouncing around on Space Hoppers. Or something that looks uncannily like the 70s inflatable anyway.

Sadly, they’re not original Space Hoppers – if you look closely, there’s no strange devil horns or grinning faces in sight. But after a bit of research, we have tracked down the imposters, known as Oddballs.

Ok, there’s no friendly orange grin, but they’re still loads of fun to sit on and bounce around the house – or indeed the street. And if there’s more than one of you stupid clever enough to buy one, you can kill your weekends racing them round the local park. Sure beats wandering round the DIY store.

Available in three colours, plus a rather cool "8 ball" design (which comes with pump and racing flag), there’s no better reason to put growing up on hold.

Oddballs are available from around £15.

Find out more about Oddballs

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