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Sorry You Missed The Sixties

The John Bloxham Gallery is currently hosting Sorry You Missed The Sixties –  the decade as seen through the lens of  Philip Townsend, featuring a host of icons and celebrities against a backdrop of "swinging London".

Philip Townsend was born in 1940. After training as a photographer, he got his big break when he met Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham – within a few months, he was commissioned to do a session with the band, then spent most of the decade freelancing for the Daily Express, as well as featuring in the Tatler, Honey, Harpers Bazaar, Der Stern, Neue Revue, Tempo, Paris Match and New York Times.

Icons and celebs caught be Townshend included Marlon Brando, Andrew Loog Oldham, Jimmy Page, Elizabeth Taylor, Aristotle Onassis, Marty Wilde, Dudley Moore, Richard Burton, Twiggy, Jacquelin Bisset, Charlotte Rampling and The Beatles.

This exhibition displaying almost 80 photographs from Philip Townsend’s Archive, will be exclusively on show until 25th April at the John Bloxham Gallery. Images are also available to buy – visit the gallery website for more details.

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