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The value of toy cars

Ever imagined that toy car you played with as a kid could be worth £11,500? That’s the price a previously unseen Dinky Bentalls van went for at auction at Christies.

That’s a one-off, but prices are on the up for the most rare models, if they’re in excellent condition and with the original box. The box is all-important – in one recent auction, the box for an Avengers set (without cars) went for a whopping £300. Why? Because the cars with box would sell for £600 – without the box, about £80.

So how much are your toys cars worth? Well, that all depends on the model. A typical 1950s car, like the Dinky Morris Oxford (mint and boxed – pictured), should sell for around £60-£80. However, a more recent 70s car, like the Starsky and Hutch Torino, should be worth about £100-£150. Which basically means there are no hard and fast rules. It’s probably worthing checking out the Vectis website first though – they are the leading toy auction service, with estimates and past auctions giving an indication of many toy car values.

So, thinking of investing? According to the experts, it could be a shrewd move, especially as the older cars will only get more rare. But make sure you only buy cars in the best condition with boxes and allow at least 5-10 years for your investment to grow.

Visit the Vectis website

2 thoughts on “The value of toy cars

  1. Great site!! Just spotted this and it just so happens I’ve just cashed in on £1000 worth of Dinky’s & Corgi’s from my childhood. The best one , pricewise being a Batmobile, Boat & trailer [boxed] going for £200.00!!
    Better still though were two Japanese tin battery operated Space toys [boxed] a robot & a Moon ship that earned me a very nice £640.00 in total !!
    Love the site, hope you don’t mind me Blogrolling you @ RetroBabe!
    Cheers IanB

  2. i have a collection of corgi cars and match box cars and other makes and im try to find out the value of these lovley fun cars they are all in there boxes and very good condition can you help in any way or put me on to some one that can i would be so greatful to some advise
    thankyou kim

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