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Value of old videos

I wonder if you can help. I’ve replaced most of my VHS film collection with DVD in the last couple of years – but now I’m stuck with a load of VHS duplicates. Are these worth anything or should I just flog them all at the carboot sale for £1 each?

Thanks for your help.

– Darren (Birmingham, UK)

Hi Darren,
To be honest, it’s rather like asking how long is a piece of string! I was once told that old VHS videos are like comics – with early editions worth able to fetch good money if sold to the right people.

I have to say, that’s absolute rubbish. As a film collector, I want the best version, with the best picture, sound and extras. That’s not going to be an old VHS version of a movie.

That doesn’t mean all your videos are worthless, there are exceptions. There’s a strong collector’s market for early certificate-less videos. There’s also high prices to be made for titles that were withdrawn from the market (also known as the "video nasty").

But if you’ve not got any of the above, classic and cult titles that have yet to make it onto DVD (of which there are many) can still command high prices on eBay. But as you’ve replaced your videos with DVDs, again, this is unlikely – so it looks like your idea of hitting the carboot sale is probably the best route.

And one final thought – with the advent of HD DVD and Blu-ray discs, you may be replacing all your DVDs in a few years time too!