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Vintage wallcoverings

Ewmoore We recently ran a feature on Graham and Brown’s 70s-influenced wallcoverings. Retro they certainly were – but what if you want a covering that’s really authentic, one that was actually produced in that decade?

Amazingly, you can still buy original wallpaper from over 30 years ago if you look hard enough. A good place to try is E.W. Moore, which has been in the wallpaper business since 1906. The vintage wallcoverings it currently sells online don’t go that far back – but they do range from the early sixties to the eighties.

Popular with film and TV companies (for the period dramas), their authentic range will certainly be a talking point if you go for it in the living room!

Prices are around £25 per roll, with a UK postal charge of around £10. And as stock is original, it’s usually limited.

Visit the E.W. Moore website

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