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1966 Uncovered

Football66 The picture to your right is Bobby Moore and Martin Peters having a wander near England’s team hotel in 1966, taken from a fantastic new book of unseen photos taken around the World Cup of 1966 – 1966 Uncovered.

Many aren’t taken on the football pitch – and that’s the really fascinating thing. Five main chapters are packed with pictures from the regional stages, then onto the knockout matches and the final.

It’s amazingly quirky – from Nobby Stiles buying records, Pele in the pouring rain of Bolton, the North Koreans watching Laurel and Hardy through to the Italians doing the full-on rat pack in Durham, the Germans in really cool knitted sports tops and all manner of strange locals to scare the players.

Expect a full review soon – certainly one to browse in your local bookshop.

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