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Geemarc Mayfair – retro telephone

I use an old style phone on my desk – it looks and works great, but for two little problems:

1. The lack of a hash key means you can’t use automated switchboards.
2. If someone sends a voice text to you, there’s no way of retrieving it.

So how about an old style phone with new phone functionality? Here’s the Geemarc Mayfair – a phone that looks just like the one your parents used to have. But with one big difference. It looks like it features a dial, but look closely and you’ll notice if features push buttons, making it as useful as any modern phone. There’s also pulse/tone dialling, last number redial and an adjustable ringer pitch and volume.

Available in numerous high street electrical stores for around £20.

Find out more from the Geemarc website

One thought on “Geemarc Mayfair – retro telephone

  1. thought it did have a hash key on the front see pic
    have this in the lovely red it comes in feel in love with it it looks just like the phone my folks had when i was growing up only better theres was a horried brown two tone phone and also not to bad on price also

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