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Memphis – B&Q’s retro barbecue unit

It’s that time of year again – when we all sit in the garden drinking beer, eating burnt sausages and playing Russian roulette with half-cooked chicken.

If you’re going to barbecue, you might as well do it in style – with this Memphis barbecue unit that screams 50s Americana. Available in a selection of colours, it’s a gas cooker with stainless steel cooking grill, warming rack, storage cupboard and a set of wheels to move it around.

Yours for around £120 from B&Q.

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3 thoughts on “Memphis – B&Q’s retro barbecue unit

  1. help weve been looking for this bbq for ages but still cant find one if anyone knows where to get them from any where please write a blog thanks to anyone who can help x

  2. you get them from B&Q but you must see the manager and ask him to order it in he will try and thob you off but persist

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