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Tony The Tiger breakfast set

Ask anyone for a character associated with breakfast cereal, and I’m guessing the vast majority would come up with Tony The Tiger (the rest would say Honey Monster, but that’s another story). So it’s no surprise that the face of Frosties has been chosen to lead Kelloggs’ 100th anniversary celebrations.

The best merchandise (as befits an American company) is to be found in the US, and we very much like this retro Tony The Tiger breakfast set, which features the original Frosties box design from the company’s archives. It really is "g-r-r-reat!"

Earthenware, dishwasher safe and very cool, you can pick a set up from Macy’s in the US for around $24. They do occasionally ship worldwide, so it might be worth emailing them and asking nicely if you want to pick up this future collectable.

Find out more from the Macy’s website

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