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Adam Adamant Lives DVD boxset

Adamadamant_1 There aren’t enough shows on the box these days featuring Edwardian time travellers fighting crime in swinging London – so it’s just as well that Adam Adamant Lives is returning on an impressive five DVD boxset.

Adam Adamant is an Edwardian adventurer frozen in a block of ice by his nemesis, "The Face", only to be woken up in the sixties to fight crime and have his Edwardian morals tested on numerous occasions!

Originally screened in 1966 and 1967, this five DVD set features all 17 surviving episodes, a documentary on the series featuring cast and crew, commentary tracks, a mini-documentary called Adam Adamant’s Wheels, audio from a missing episode, outtakes, scripts of 12 missing episodes, plus a gallery of images from the show, the Adam Adamant annual and the comics.

I’ve got my copy on order.

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