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Bid for Frank Sinatra’s wig

Sinatrawig After highlighting Andy Warhol’s wig the other week, we feel obliged to mention another celebrity syrup also available for auction – Frank Sinatra’s wig.

Yes, ol’ blue eyes was another man who refused to go bald gracefully, opting for this neat grey number to fool the world. Except of course, we all knew it was wig – so who was fooling who?

This one, up on eBay, dates from the 1990s, purchased from a former employee who was responsible for the maintenance of Mr. Sinatra‚Äôs hair piece. Now there’s a job. It comes complete with tape to fix to your head and a letter of authenticity and all relevanty paperwork. After all, you wouldn’t want to be caught wearing a wig with incorrect papers. The opening bid is around $2,000.

Find out more at the eBay auction page

Via Bayraider

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