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Che Guevara doll and fingerpuppet

Che Guevara
– once a feared revolutionary, then a fashion icon, but now a kid’s toy.

Yes, to coincide with a new exhibition at the V&A in London, the museum is selling a range of Che merchandise, with our favourites obviously being the Che Guevara doll and finger puppet.

The "Little Thinker" Che Guevara Revolutionary doll is approximately 37cm tall when standing and made of polyester fibres. It’s recommended for ages 5 and up – with an interest in far left politics and bringing down evil capitalist governments.

Or for those on a smaller budget, how can you resist the Magnetic Che Guevara fingerpuppet. On your finger its a fingerpuppet, or if you get bored of annoying people with your finger, it doubles up as a fridge magnet. It’s 12cm in height and again recommended for budding revolutionaries aged 5 and up.

The fingerpuppet is available for £5, the doll is £12.

Find out more at the V&A shop

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