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Chorlton & The Wheelies hit 30

Chorlton Many people are of the opinion that kids’ TV isn’t what it used to be. Without the need to incorporate educational value or indeed a sensible plotline, writers past concentrated on one thing – entertaining kids.

Take Chorlton & The Wheelies. The everyday story of a land inhabited by wheelies, terrorised by a wicked witch, but always thwarted by Chorlton the happiness dragon, who for no obvious reason, has a broad Manchester accent.

The show is now 30 years old, and to celebrate, this superb series is back out in a luxury four disc box set, featuring all 40 episodes, including some never previously released. So if life’s getting a bit too serious, why not head down to the shop, pick one up and re-discover the child inside you, not to mention Wheelie World, Spout Hall, Fenella the wicked witch (and "little old lady") and of course, Chorlton the mad Manc. If anyone asks, just say it’s for the kids.

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