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MP3 Swiss Army knife

You can’t beat a Swiss Army knife – everything the adventurer needs for cutting, snipping, trimming and whittling. So fearsome, no-one has dared start a war with them in years.

Well, time moves on and those Swiss have realised that people need more than a nail file to keep them happy. Enter the s.beat from Victorinox. It’s an MP3 player – just stick it in your PC to transfer your tunes and listen to them on the move with the supplied headphones and remote control.

And if you encounter a horse that needs a stone taking out of its shoe, don’t worry – it still features all the scissors, pen knives and nail files you’ll ever need. And even better – if you travel on planes, you can buy a version with removeable blades, so you can listen to your tunes.

The s.beat will set you back around £100.

Find out more from the Victorinox website

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