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Polish vintage film posters

Don’t ask me why, but the majority of film posters produced in Poland in the past have little or no use for actual stills from the movies – more often being either abstract works of art or "child like" interpretations of the films themselves.

And because of this, they’ve become collector’s items in their own right – but very much affordable ones. As an example of what we mean, check out the image for the Jacques Tati movie, Trafic, designed by Jan Mlodozeniec. And trust me – this is one of the more obvious ones!

A huge selection of these posters from the 1950s onwards are available at Polish Posters, covering movies from all over the world – and prices starts from the equivalent of around £20. Not bad for an original piece of vintage film memorabilia – and much cheaper than the ones currently being auctioned at Christies.

And if you know why Polish movie posters have these strange interpretations, please let us know.

See the full range at Polish Posters

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