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Sensible Soccer plug ‘n’ play

Retailers are swamped with computer and console footie games these days – most of them rubbish. In fact, they’ve been rubbish for years, with the makers struggling to match the peak of football gaming – Sensible Soccer.

It ruled the consoles and the Amiga (yes, I had one of those) with superfast action, not to mention outrageous goals, psychotic tackles and Roberto Carlos-style free kicks. It looked rubbish (little blocky blokes with hardly any legs), but once you played it, you were hooked.

It’s now back as a great plug ‘n’ play game.  It replicates the Mega Drive version (probably better than my Amiga one), complete with 2 Sega-style joypads. And just to add to the nostalgia, it’s also pre-loaded with two other great games of the era from Sensible Software – Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania.

It’s nostalgia – but the gameplay still makes it a winner in 2006. Yours for around £25.

Find out more at Firebox

One thought on “Sensible Soccer plug ‘n’ play

  1. i think these games are good and fun to play if you are alone or jusy with a friend because they give people things to do when theve got no money thanx sarah

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