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Seiko’s Andy Warhol watches

If you didn’t manage to win the Andy Warhol wig (which sold for $10,800 according to one of our readers), these Andy Warhol watches by Seiko might be more in your price range.

Looking not unlike the humble Swatch, there are 10 designs in the range, each featuring a classic piece of Warhol pop art.

So far these waterproof watches are down for a Japanese release only, scheduled for this month – though we expect them to make their way elsewhere – even if it’s as imports. Prices for the Japanese markets range from the equivalent of £48 to £73.

Full details at the Seiko website (in Japanese)

2 thoughts on “Seiko’s Andy Warhol watches

  1. I have 2Andy Warhol wrist watches that I can not find out anything about them, ie, value, etc. They are brand new. One is on a cardboard holder with information on the back of the cardboard and one place has “This product is produced under a license from the Andy Warhol Foundation for theVisual Arts, Inc., a New York not-for-profit corporation which promotes the visual arts.” It is on about an inch and a half leather-like gold band with the handwritten signature of Andy Warhol and on the band is a “printed” watch with black band and the timepiece is a rectangle plastic piece and the back of the plastic timepiece has the picture and signature of Andy Warhol, the circled “c” copywrite sign and the circled “R” for registered and then has TM AWF Andy 005 and China.It is running.
    The other wristwatch is also running and has several features: 4 buttons – 1 is a light, 1 is an alarm, 1 scrolls the day and date across the face, and 1 has the time function. The large face of the watch has Andy Warhol’s name in script, and the back has Andy Warhol, Factory Watch (AW-01) and 24-Nov-06 on it. The band is leather like and is silver on the top with a lettuce color green edge, and the back of the band is lt. tan with partial word “Fragile” up and down the band. The band is stitched. Can you give me any information on where I can find these on the internet or give me the approx. value of them? I would be very grateful. Sincerely, MaryJane Evans

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