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Arcade table with retro games

In the market for a new table? Why buy one that does nothing except house your old magazines and coffee cups when you could have one that’s full of old arcade games – like this arcade table.

Harking back to the old arcade tables (that have long deserted the nation’s pubs), this chrome-trimmed techno-table is packed with over 150 classic arcade games – I’ll not list them all, but if you click the link at the end, you’ll get the full listing. It also features a toughened glass top, a 14-inch colour monitor, genuine arcade buttons and joystick controls, digital sound and high resolution colour graphics. And if you get thirsty mid-game, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a trusty pause button to hold the action.

For the more serious players, there’s matching stools (they cost extra), but before you decide to invest in them, you should know the arcade table will set you back a whopping £1,800. Maybe that PlayStation 3 isn’t that expensive after all.

Find out more from the I Want One Of Those website

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