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Buy Conny Plank’s studio

If you’ve never heard of Conny Plank by name, you’ve probably heard the music he produced. Behind some of the most notable groundbreaking music of the 70s (Kraftwerk for example), he was in demand later by a number of punk and new wave bands in the 80s before his death in 1987.

His wife continued to run his studio after his death until recently, but ill health has now forced her to sell the entire contents.

Which means you can bid for Conny Plank’s studio. It’s packed full of all the weird and wonderful instruments and controls – very much as you’d expect from a pioneering producer. From old synthesisers and vintage amplifiers to mixing desks, monitors and microphones. There’s even some glass studio walls for sale.

If you want to start (or continue) a music career with some famous kit, you simply visit the website, enter a bid – and if you bid the highest, you get the gear. The site’s in German, but the many pics should tell you all you need to know.

Visit Conny Plank’s studio website

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