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France and Italy retro tracksuits

With France and Italy battling for the World Cup crown, it’s a good time to recall a past highpoint for both teams – 1982  – when the French had quite possibly one of their finest teams ever (a midfield of Platini, Tigana, Giresse and Fernandez), but Italy actually won the World Cup thanks to the magic of Paolo Rossi.

And they looked the part too – in tracksuits that can still cut it today.

World Cup 1982 tracksuits for France and Italy
are available as part of the Adidas Originals World Cup range. Both items are effectively exact copies of the original garments – from the styling down to the material, with the Italian top featuring the Forza Italia text print flocking on the back over the shoulders and the French top featuring the Carre Magique Text print flocking on the back over the shoulders.

And unlike most World Cup merchandise, they’ll both look sharp well after the final.

You can pick them up for around £45.

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