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Mod movie – Young Birds Fly

With Quadrophenia set for a DVD reissue on DVD next month over 25 after it hit the big screen, it’s interesting to see that film directors still have a fascination with Mods and the Mod scene.

I’ve been forwarded a trailer for a new US movie under the title of Young Birds Fly, which is nearing the end of filming, with a view to a cinema release towards the end of this year.

I’m a bit confused about the plot, but it seems to involve two 15-year-old wannabe Mods and a 32-year-old "former face" – and what happens when they come together. You might get a better idea from the trailer below. And if you want to know more, check out the film’s MySpace site.

5 thoughts on “Mod movie – Young Birds Fly

  1. Looks like another silly student film in the vein of “American Mod”. Will no doubt by incredibly pretentious and highly embarrassing.

  2. I have a comment for Brian K..who obviously knows absolutely nothing about the Mod movement. I suppose Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese first films were also “pretentious” and “embarassing”. A director’s first works are always basic and to the point, with a low budget only to work with. Its all in the opinion. Look a John Waters..who thought Divine eating dog poop would make him an iconic film maker. Do your research sir, before you make such a comment you cannot back up.

  3. the mod nowaday movement appears to me like something uncool.I would like it to be more close to the original movement,I mean not that mix between skinheads and sixties dressers with scooters .I’ve seen only few images of the movie but I fear to be disappointed …I hope not !
    An old 79 revival-mod

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