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PF Flyers Center Lo trainers

You can’t get trainers much more retro than something made – more or less – to the same style since 1937, which is what you get with PF Flyers. You can still pick up a pair of original designs online, but we prefer these slight updates – the PF Flyers Center Lo in leather.

They’re effectively the same as the original design, featuring the "PF Wedge" that made athletes of the day "run faster and jump higher", a canvas lining and rubber sole. However, unlike the originals, these have a full-grain premium leather upper.

All very nice, but one thing above all else sells these trainers – a no-nonsense stylish look. And if that’s not enough they’re cheap – this pair can be picked up in the UK for £32 (and even cheaper in the US).

Find out more about PF Flyers at Urban Industry

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