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Play-Doh limited-edition cologne

So, you’ve got a hot date and you’re out to impress – if you’re going to splash something all over, Play-Doh cologne probably isn’t the bottle to grab.

Yes, every kid’s favourite messy toy is 50 years old – and to celebrate, makers Hasbro, in association with the Demeter Fragrance Library, has created a scent with that distinctive Play-Doh smell, designed to take you right back to your childhood.

According to the sales pitch, this limited-edition cologne is the ideal fragrance for "highly creative people". In reality, it’s a likely conversation starter that might get you the odd funny look on the bus or train.

It’s available now for a limited time from the Demeter Fragrance website for $19 for a one ounce bottle.

Find out more at the Demeter Fragrance website

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