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Scout 1975 Bag

I honestly have no recollection of this bag, but after encountering it online, a bit of research suggests that the original Scout Bag was THE bag to have if you were at school in Europe in the 70s. But not in the UK, that’s for sure.

Effectively a coloured satchel – an amout of colour probably outlawed in Britain in 1975. If you missed out on carrying one as a child, you can pick it up again, as German firm Scout has reissued a slightly updated version – known as the Scout 1975 Bag, available in limited numbers.

The new version, reinterpreted by Swiss designers Estragon, is slightly smaller and more sober than the original, but ideal as an urban bag to carry your mobile, paperback and other everyday items,

Colours are the same as the original – blue, red, green or black and a fluorescent orange for the pocket. The price is a distinctly non-70s 150 Euros (around £103).

Scout 1975 website

Via The Cool Hunter

One thought on “Scout 1975 Bag

  1. My mum went to school like Ludwig Bemelmans’ “Madeline” so everyone at her school had to run around with your standard brown snob satchel.
    I’m not sure whether I like this old brightly coloured concoction or I prefer the new miu miu, but it could start a very interesting trend if fallen in the right hands. LSD retro school bag à la mode…

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