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Seventies by Howard Sounes

After a glut of TV shows and books about the nostalgic side of the 70s (Space Hoppers, Spangles and  Choppers), there now seems to be a steady stream of books that are desperate to redress the balance, not necessarily playing on the childhood memories of the thirtysomething. The latest of which is Seventies by Howard Sounes.

Sounes argues that the 1970s was one of the most fertile eras of innovation, in particular in the areas of the arts and design – including Coppola and Woody Allen’s US movies, Monty Python, David Bowie, the arrival of punk, David Hockney and the design philosophy for the Pompidou Centre by Richard Rogers.

Alongside Dave Haslam’s excellent Not Abba (The Real Story Of The 70s), this is well worth a look if you want to discover the 70s without the schoolyard nostalgia.

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