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The Circular Kitchen

The world of 2006 is a funny place – we want all manner of futuristic gadgets to cram into our ever-decreasing living spaces, yet when it comes to kitchens, many people still want some big farmhouse style area to prepare their food in.

But some people are trying to drag the kitchen into the future – even if they only succeed in creating something you’d expect to find in a 1970s design magazine.

This is the Circular Kitchen. It’s got a very small footprint (just 1.8 sq m) and it revolves for access to all areas. And if you decide it’s not suited to a particular part of your tiny London flat (which is surely where it’s destined to marketed at), you can move it to another area – it’s not fixed down. And it’s also very clever – you can access the kitchen’s built-in browser online to check stocks of your favourite food, amongst other things.

If you’re going for that retro space age look, this might fit in nicely. If you want a kitchen like your gran’s, stay well away.

It’s priced around 5,500 Euros,

Find out more at the Compact Concepts website

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