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Carnivale season 2 DVD box set


Today sees the release of the Carnivale season 2 DVD box set.

As America suffers from the Great Depression in 1934, a young man with a mysterious past and powerful psychic ability takes a job on a travelling carnival working the American Dustbowl circuit. On the opposite side of the country a dedicated reverend is just settling down in a small town. The tagline reads: Into each generation is born a creature of light and a creature of darkness. As you can guess, this is not to be filed under light entertainment.

This simply amazing tv series was cancelled by HBO after the second season. Maybe it was just too strange. After all, it makes Twin Peaks look like Coronation Street. The opening title sequence alone took six months to make.

If your dvd player can’t handle region 1 discs then you have to wait until the 7th of August for the region 2 release. But it’s worth the wait, trust us. You can place a pre-order at And perhaps get the season 1 box set while you’re at it.

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