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Corgi’s biggest selling toy cars

Bond_corgi Top toy manufacturer Corgi is 50 this year – and to mark the occasion, the company has compiled a chart of its bestselling replica cars – some you’d expect – and a couple that might surprise you. However, there’s no surprise about the first place, which is…

1. James Bond Aston Martin DB5.
Model number 261
Date:  1969
Original price: 9s 11d

Yes, the car every wannabe spy wanted – it featured an ejector seat, flip up roof, quick action rear bullet-proof shield, flick out overriders, hidden machine guns and of course, Bond himself. Around 10 million sold.

2. Batmobile
Model number 267
Date:  1969
Original price: 9s 11d

Over 4,907,000 of the Batmobile have been sold worldwide. It featured a three stage rocket firing mechanism, a tyre slasher blade at the front of the Batmobile, and scorching flames that are flicked in and out of the turbine exhaust as the car rolls along. You don’t get that on a Ford Focus.

3. John Player Special Lotus
Model number 154
Date:  1979
Original price: 65p

Produced in 1979, this iconic Formula One model had a simplistic colour scheme of black and gold and featured gold-plated parts including the exhaust, engine, mirrors, suspension members and wheel hubs. 2,027,000 sold worldwide.

4. Ghia L 6.4
Model number 241
Date: 1963
Original price: 8/6d

Not really up there with the others for style, the Ghia L 6.4 was a big thing in 1963 – because it was the first ever diecast model to have ‘the works’ (opening bonnet, boot and doors, tip-up seats, jewelled headlights, plated parts and detailed engine). It even featured a little moulded Corgi dog lying on the rear parcel shelf. It was enough to sell 1,753,000 models.

5. Morris Mini Minor
Model number 226
Date: 1960
Original price: n/a

No really. Had no big selling points, but obviously kids of the day wanted a car like their dad. An astounding 1,667,000 sold worldwide!

Find out more at the Corgi website

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