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Design your own classic Heinz label

This is the US only – but please Heinz, bring this to the UK!

The idea is simple, choose your Heinz product – let’s says Ketchup – then design your own label in the Heinz style. You can go for an "off the peg" solution – like "get well soon", "happy birthday" or "congratulations" – or you can add your own two line message.

And that’s where the fun begins. Just imagine being able to buy your favourite Heinz products with your own message on the labels. Heinz don’t allow offensive messages, but I’m sure you’ll be able to think of something witty and amusing (or just slightly offensive). Then order a crate and ship them out to your mates for Christmas, especially as the prices go cheaper the more you order.

So here’s a plea to the company – please bring this service to the UK. I need to send Retro To Go Ketchup this Christmas!

Find out more at the My Heinz website

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