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Emergency cufflinks

If you don’t own a shirt with a cuff suited to cufflink:

1. Why?
2. Buy one – it’s a lot smarter than a couple of plastic buttons on your cuff.

However, the one problem you will encounter, especially if you’re away from home is the cufflink emergency – forgetting to pack a pair of cufflinks. Here’s a cheap solution to the dilemma – Emergency Cufflinks from 316 Wallet Essentials.

Granted these will not be patch on your stylish clasp cufflinks back at the house, but if you need a pair of cuffs fastening up, just bring out the credit card-shaped holder, twist out the stainless steel cufflinks, then lock them in place.

A worthwhile investment for just £7.95.

Find out more at the Touch Of Ginger website

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