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Genus retro Type-R DAB radio

Check out our gadgets section for some great examples of DAB radios with retro style. But before you spend your cash, check out this latest contender – the Genus Type-R DAB radio – which we reckon is (just about) the most hip radio around.

Like all the best retro gadgets, it mixes the looks of the past with the technology of today. Let’s start with the looks – the sides are made from walnut, the rear panel is hand embossed leather and the enamel badge is made by the company that produces badges for Aston Martin and Bentley. And that nice mix of wood and steel would look perfect sat on your Merrow Associates sideboard.

And then there’s the technology. It’s got touch sensitive controls, so you just need to run your fingers over the front to change the volume or to swap station. It also features MaxxBass technology to boost your bass from the 2-watt speakers and a line-in/line-out so you can connect your iPod in or connect the DAB to your home hi-fi.

It’s available from October, with a price of around £150.

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