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Hulger’s retro phones go wireless

Hulger_bluetooth We covered the Hulger retro phones many months ago, commenting that they look great to use, but you might look slightly foolish with one plugged into your mobile phone.

Well, they’re back – and they’re better – because now they’re wireless, courtesy of Bluetooth technology. Yes, two wireless models of Hulger – the Pip and Penelope handsets – are now available to order from the company’s website. That’s great news if you use Skype, because you can use it for your VoIP calling and not have to sit next to the computer. And if you want to use one with your mobile, you can have your phone tucked away safely in your bag or pocket, while you look slightly mad talking into an old phone handset.

You get five hours of talktime before they need a charge, with 180 hours on standby. Prices are around £90 and if you order now, the company promises to ship out your phone as soon as the stock arrives.

Find out more at the Hulger website

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