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Kimura printable vinyl CDR discs

How about this for a niche product – for those of us who love to compile our own albums, but hate the fact that the discs don’t look like our old vinyl albums, there’s now some CDRs that let you create compilations with a vintage touch.

The eMARK Black Diamond Groove CDRs from Japanese firm Kimura are specially targetted at people who burning custom audio CDs – and who want to create (or re-create) a vintage label for the centre.

The disc has a capacity of 700MB (80 minutes) and a speed of 52X. There is a printable area of 24mm for your label, while the outer black coating increases the life of the CD, according to the manufacturers,

Sadly these are Japan only right now – but you should be able to pick them up via mail order easily enough. Price to be confirmed.

Via New Launches

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