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Mod hairdo t-shirt

More of an eye-catcher than a fashion statement, this unisex Mod Indian Hairdoo t-shirt from Canadian t-shirt makers Super Fantastico features a vintage image of an Indian woman with a fairly distinctive 60s hairstyle, which was undoubtedly heavy on the lacquer.

Oliver green background with green tinged image, you can pick it up in a selection of sizes, including a women’s fitted, all printed on "sweatshop free" garments. The t-shirt costs $22 (and they ship worldwide).

What isn’t clear is what the writing underneath the image says – or indeed how the manufacturers knew the woman was a Mod – I just can’t imagine a vibrant 60s Mod scene in India…unless you know different.

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One thought on “Mod hairdo t-shirt

  1. The writing under the image is in Hindi and it basically means “adornments” or “ornaments”, as well as generally “dressing-up”. And yeah, all you have to do is watch some Hindi movies from the 60’s and 70’s, and you will see that India did indeed have a very vibrant Mod scene. Btw, I love your site. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

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