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Paul Weller Fred Perry update

No surprise here – but it seems like interest in the recently-featured Paul Weller designed Fred Perry was severely oversubscribed. So much so that over 10,000 people are registered for the 200 limited edition Fred Perrys.

An additional email has been sent out to further register an interest in your particular size. From these numbers, a lucky draw will take place, with "winners" gaining entry to the online store to purchase one (one only) of the limited Freds. So if you get an email, register again.

With the problems with buying this top, it seems that Fred Perry are now in discussions with Paul Weller to do a further limited Fred Perry, which will only be sold to those already registered for the original shirt.

Expect to see a number of the polo shirts on eBay in a few weeks.

One thought on “Paul Weller Fred Perry update

  1. I am now no longer a fan. I was willing to pay over the odds for a t-shirt, having been promised that i was one of the lucky 1000. So there i was, sitting by my ‘puter waiting for the now legendary email with “special” link for it not to appear. “Fair enough” says I, “they must be having problems”. I cut some slack and let Fred be about his business. 3 weeks and a few emails later, Fred doesn’t reply. “Fair enough” says I, he is dead after all! But then – an email!!!!! I’m excited – do i have the opportunity to spunk my cash on an over-rated shirt, no. I have a further opportunity to register my interest in spunking my cash on an over-rated shirt. “Bollox”!! thinks I. “I’m off to the Rapha sale to buy something decent”.
    Up yours Fred

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