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Port-O-Rotary – 70s style mobile phone

Rotaryphone Mobile phones are all very well, but they’re easy to lose and can give you a bad case of "hot ear" if your call lasts longer than a few minutes. So how about trying something a bit bigger – and just like the phone your parents had?

That’s what you get with the Port-O-Rotary. It’s an old-style phone with modern mobile technology. So, you get the big handset, the rotary dial and that deafening ring, but it all works with your mobile phone account. Just slip in your sim card and the phone will operate via your mobile account for incoming and outgoing calls. No texting though.

It’s all the brainchild of US firm Spark Fun Electronics, which has basically ripped apart an old phone and installed the latest technology. And you’ll certainly pay for their man hours if you buy one. The red phone pictured is a whopping $500 (around £265). Possibly a bit steep for a novelty item.

Find out more at the Spark Fun Electronics website

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