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Return of the VW Camper Van?

Vw_van No, you’re not seeing things – this is a modern-day reproduction of the classic VW Camper Van by French-Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier.

Verdier’s version has a pop-up roof (now with solar panels), awning, upper-level bunks accessible via steps housed in the front passenger’s seat-back, a swing-out kitchenette and storage drawers. Unfortunately, the Verdier Westfalia (to give it the proper name) exists only in computer-generated form at the moment.

But it could be reality. Verdier is currently seeking a sponsor to fund the building of a working prototype. With no Volkswagen-branded van on the horizon, this could be your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a very profitable business – a VW Camper that goes fast and doesn’t break down halfway there.

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