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Rubik’s Snake reissued

Rubiks_snake When the craze for the Rubik’s Cube was in full effect I got…a Rubik’s Snake. Everytime time I tell people this, they look at me in a puzzled way, never having encountered said snake. Well, it does exist – and what’s more, it’s been reissued, this time under the name Rubik’s Twist.

What made the snake better (for me) than a cube was that you could do more with it. With the cube, you match up your colours and that’s it – game over. With the snake, it can be more or less what you want it to be – a dog, a bird, a ball, a bracelet – or just a snake if you have absolutely no imagination at all. It all starts off as a ball out of the box, but extends out, with each segment "twistable" in any direction. With so many combinations, you can make an endless number of shapes with it.

OK, it’s not Nintendo’s Brain Trainer – but at less than a tenner, it’ll keep you busy and get you thinking just as much as any of today’s toys.

Find out more at the Rubik’s website

One thought on “Rubik’s Snake reissued

  1. In hungary – where Rubik ErnÅ‘ lives – there was a different color version with black/beige combination – we played a lot of in the elementary school when we was child. Great game and until this time I didn’t know it’s also a Rubik’s thing. ;P

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