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SpeckTone retro speaker system hits the UK

Specktone_1 Good news for all you iPod users who like a bit of retro around the house – the SpeckTone iPod speaker system is now available in the UK.

We’ve covered the SpeckTone previously. Its lacquered wood cabinet looks just like the big old radio (or should that be wireless?) that your granny had on the sideboard – except it’s packed with the technology of today. Slip in your iPod and hear your tunes blast out, courtesy of two 3-inch drivers behind the front grille and a 4-inch subwoofer. And it charges your iPod while its playing.

It works with all later iPod models, with older models connected via the AUX input. Available now, the SpeckTone retails for around £120.

Find out more about the SpeckTone

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