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Asda’s Marimekko inspired home range

Marimekko in Finland has been knocking out distinctive and colourful designs since 1951 – and that Marimekko look is just as stylish and contemporary today as it was 50 years back.

So it’s no surprise to see designs on our high street that have obviously taken the company as an influence. The latest is Asda with their funky flower range, which includes some bright and stylish pieces for very little money – and definitely using inspiration from Marimekko’s classic (and best selling) Unikko range, which first hit the stores in 1964.

Pictured here is the funky flower vase at £10 and funky flower bowl at just £7, along with some of Asda’s matching wooden picture frames, which retail for £4 and £5.

Unlikely to be around for long, it might be worth making some room in your trolley in the next couple of weeks (you can’t buy them online).

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