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Atari retro gaming on a keyring

Atarikeychain Once, in the dim and distant days of childhood, a large console unit, sizeable controllers and plenty of wiring was needed to play your Atari favourites on the TV. Not to mention talking the rest of the family out of watching TV for the night! But no more – as some of Atari’s finest moments have returned in smaller form as Atari Video Game Keychains.

Yes, miniaturisation has given a new lease of life to several Atari retro classics. Take your pick from Pong, Asteroids or Centipede. In fact, you get more than that – with Pong comes Breakout and Warlords, while Asteroids also features Millipede and Centipede comes with Yar’s Revenge.

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from the wires – you get a 6ft cable (so now it’s not so portable) and you’ll need 3 x AA batteries to use it. They’re available now in the US (no sign of them in the UK), priced around $15.

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