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Karhu Originals holdall

We recently featured the rather stylish Karhu Field running shoes on Retro To Go – but they’re just one part of the Karhu Originals range, which is a celebration of the Finnish sports company’s finest designs, which are still made handmade in a small factory in rural Finland.

We particularly like this Karhu Originals holdall. Made of the same material (100% heilon – whatever that is) and by the same people that made it when it first hit the stores in the 1970s, it’s a sports bag in name, but looks more like an old-style doctor’s bag to us!

Available in brown, black, white, green and yellow – whatever colour you choose, you can guarantee it’ll last and look the part the part for years to come.

Priced at 99 Euros (that’s around £67).

Find out more at the Finnish Design Shop

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