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Karhu Originals laptop bag

For the last few years, manufacturers have been desperately trying to get away from the laptop bag as a black fake leather padded case and more like a "lifestyle bag" – with room for a portable PC. Karhu has gone one better – turning an existing vintage bag into an everyday PC-friendly holdall.

Yes, this Karhu Originals Flight Bag started life as a multi-purpose bag for athletes for the European Athletics Championships in 1971. But some slight modifications, some padding and some clever marketing has turned it into a very cool bag for your PC and much more.

It’s made in green, red or brown, all with gold logo. But here’s the downside – it’s on the company’s website, but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. If you can point us in the direction, I have the credit card ready.

Find out more at the Karhu Originals website

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