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Pow Wow – Yet More Jazzman 7s

If you fancy buying some vintage soul, funk and jazz 45s, but don’t know where to start, you can do a lot worse than start at Jazzman Records.

Over 50 top-notch reissue 45s have been released on the Jazzman label, plus around 30 on the associated Funk 45 label, with the emphasis very much on quality. And if you want to get flavour of the label, you can pick up the latest compilation from the label – Pow Wow – Yet More Jazzman 7s.

There’s 12 tracks here, selected from tracks reissued by the label on vinyl and covering the soul/funk/jazz spectrum of the 60s and 70s. All top notch, but worth the admission in my book just for Aaron Neville’s Hercules and Manny Corchado’s Pow Wow. If you like this, you can pick up the 45s. And if you like those, it’s just a small step to the addictive world of rare vinyl collecting – if the bank balance can handle it.

Find out more at the Jazzman Records website

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